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Archiv klubu Soundtracks [ŽP: 8 týdnů] (kategorie Hudba) moderují Lokutus, Anthony, Fighter.

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Koncerty filmové hudby 2023:
26.1. 2023 - Filmové a muzikálové melodie
2.2.2023 - LOTR a Hobit in Concert (přesunuto ze 4.2. 2022)
14.-15.3.2022 - Hudba ve filmu
18.3.2022 - Hudba ze slavných filmů
24.3. 2023 - Filmová hudba velkých skladatelů
17.4. 2023 - Sen noci svatojánské
4.5. 2023 - Bigband ve filmu
25.5. 2023 - Hollywood in Prague: Noc filmových melodií
2.6. 2023 - Hans Zimmer Live
21.6.2023 - Eastwood Symphonic
23.6.2023 - John Williams & Sinfonia Fišeriana II. (Smetanova Litomyšl)
25.6.2023 - Voices of Hollywood
27.9. 2023 - The Gaming Music Live
26.8. 2023 - Princezna ze mlejna (Soundtrack Poděbrady, film s živou hudbou)
26.8. 2023 - Je třeba zabít Sekala (Soundtrack Poděbrady, film s živou hudbou)
15.11.2023 - Velikáni filmové hudby vol. II
17.10.2023 - Hollywood in Prague: Noc filmových melodií
15.11.-28.11.2023 - LORDS OF THE SOUND - The music of Hans Zimmer
15.12.- Christmas in Hollywood (nové)


Koncerty filmové hudby 2024:
24.1.2024 - Game of Thrones & the best epic film music
3.-6.2.2024 - FANTASY MOVIES Symphony Music Experience (nové)


Kluby na Lopuchu:
Marco Beltrami, ebay, Georges Delerue, Jerry Goldsmith, James Horner, James Newton Howard, Soundtrackové nákupy, John Williams, Hans Zimmer


Další mini-sraz:
13.12. 2023 17:00 (TBD)

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anthony Anthony - stránky o filmové hudbě 9.11.2008 17:38  22538
NP: David Arnold - Quantum of solace ****+ - poslech soundtracku po zhlédnutí filmu. Jak film tak hudba se mi líbily velmi. Akorát tedy úvodní písnička pro mě k nepřežití.
pepak pepak - 9.11.2008 17:37  22537
Tak to budou letos chudé vánoce...
darkarid darkarid 8.11.2008 16:48  22536
geoffrey: Diky za radu. Taky se mi to zdalo, ale Trumana jsem si ted sjel (mimochodem vynikajici) a neni to z nej : (
lokutus Lokutus watch?v=teBV0EoJJY8&t=232 - prodej OST 8.11.2008 16:17 - Oblíbené kluby (23:05) 22535
byl celkem mohla vyjít DeLuxe AIR FORCE FUN :)
lokutus Lokutus watch?v=teBV0EoJJY8&t=232 - prodej OST 8.11.2008 16:16 - Oblíbené kluby (23:05) 22534
ou crap!
velociraptorx VelociraptorX 8.11.2008 15:48  22533
Date: 11/7/2008
We celebrate the recent Presidential election with a final batch of CD Club releases for 2008. How is it November already? We project four new titles and will unveil the results on November 17. See you then!
lokutus Lokutus watch?v=teBV0EoJJY8&t=232 - prodej OST 7.11.2008 20:53 - Oblíbené kluby (23:05) 22532
tak konečně! :) 3 NEW HARKIT RELEASES
Another Harkit exclusive is Maurice Jarre’s music for “POPE JOAN” (HRKCD 8260) We have been most fortunate in securing the services of James Fitzpatrick in restoring the tapes for this beautiful score. James has contributed to writing the notes about his friend Jarre, and we also have previously unseen stills from this set of the movie which tells the story of the persisting legend that a woman sat on the throne at The Vatican in the 9th Century. A truly moving and compelling story, Jarre employed mediaeval musical instruments while recording to apply a realistic and altogether other-worldly feel to his score. Personally speaking, the movie’s worth seeking out just to see the delicious Lesley-Anne Down Incidentally, the movie is being re-released next year with some great extras, we understand.

Among new releases coming very soon we have the third in our trilogy of John Barry releases. “THE DOVE” (HRKCD 8321) a 1974 movie produced by Gregory Peck tells the story of a young boy who sails around the world. The film (literally) sank without a trace, but it was in fact one of Barry’s lushest and most beautiful scores which also features a vocal by ex-New Seeker Lyn Paul. We have produced a lavishly illustrated and annotated booklet for this special collector’s edition.

Lalo Schifrin’s musical career goes back to arranging and playing piano in Paris’s Eddie Warner Orchestra in the early 1950’s. His 1989 score for “RETURN FROM THE RIVER KWAI” (HRKCD 8259) an account of what became of the heroes after the now legendary war-time events in south-east Asia. It’s a terrific military style effort which has been lovingly restored and released for the first time ever and also incorporates Kitaro’s “Japanese Theme” in its entirety. Darren Allison, soundtrack editor for Cinema Retro has written a wonderful essay for this World Exclusive release.
geoffrey geoffrey 6.11.2008 19:22  22531
darkarid: Slyším v tom Truman show nebo mě šálí sluch? V zásadě to je ale klasická minimalistická formulka, jakých je veletucet.
darkarid darkarid 6.11.2008 19:14  22530
Neporadi mi prosim nekdo, odkud znam (mirne upraveny) tento motiv? Prisahal bych, ze uz jsem to nekde jinde (nez odkud to oficialne mam) slysel...
velociraptorx VelociraptorX 6.11.2008 18:46  22529
MeteorSold out.

hm, este stale vaham.:-)
agamenon 6.11.2008 12:42  22528
já si ho pamatuju na primě po obědě

Dnes jsou tomu tři léta co odešel Francesco De Masi
lokutus Lokutus watch?v=teBV0EoJJY8&t=232 - prodej OST 5.11.2008 22:26 - Oblíbené kluby (23:05) 22527
raptor: Meteor se mi kdysi dost líbil už v TV, kde běžel před pár lety snad někdy v sobotu na Primě v nočních hodinách - kde jinde taky najít podobnej "klenot", že? :) Dostupný ukázky pak utvrdily v tom, že tedy obliba tohohle score nebyla zapříčiněná jen děravou pamětí :)

Každopádně asi lepší neváhat...
lokutus Lokutus watch?v=teBV0EoJJY8&t=232 - prodej OST 5.11.2008 22:24 - Oblíbené kluby (23:05) 22526
LLL plányTo be honest with you planning it out and actually making it happen is moot. At this point we have at least one major cd coming out this year (that is still in the approval stage) as well as Terminator Sarah Connor (which is also still being approved... so that will be a month late now).

Those are the only two that will most likely come out this year. We have two other major releases planned and one more great release, but with the holidays coming up I doubt we will make our self imposed December 9 deadline. We will be closing our doors for 2008 December 20 and will be reopening January 5.

2009 will bring our 100th release which will be very special for us. Most likely that will happen in the Summer. Until then we have some great releases coming your way!

velociraptorx VelociraptorX 5.11.2008 22:04  22525
Aky je ten Meteor? V poslednej dobe som si dost pustal vyborny Return of a Man Called Horse a veru Rosenthal nie je marny.
lokutus Lokutus watch?v=teBV0EoJJY8&t=232 - prodej OST 5.11.2008 21:57 - Oblíbené kluby (23:05) 22524
METEORLess than 200 units left!

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